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3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift

3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • 3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • 3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • 3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • 3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • 3-4.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift
  • peav

Basic Info

Model No FG30L Load Center 500mm
Power Type Diesel Max. Gradeability 20%
Min. Insecting Aisle 2490mm Wheelbase 1700mm
Front Overhang 475mm 4Turning Radius 2440mm

Additional Info

Packaging Nude Packing Productivity 10000 Per YearBrand
Brand Saferlifts Transportation Ocean
Place of Origin China Supply Ability 10000 Per Year
Certificate ISO 9001;ISO 14001 HS Code 84272090

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Product Description

1. Liquefied gas defeats diesel with absolute advantage in fuel cost. Liquefied gas forklifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even in environments where environmental protection is particularly demanding. Unlike diesel fuel, liquefied gas does not overflow with pollutants during vaporization, effectively extending engine life.
2. There is almost no harmful particle discharge during the operation of the liquefied gas forklift, thus ensuring the health of the workshop workers. The discharge of a large number of harmful particles in the exhaust of diesel forklifts seriously affects the health of workers' respiratory system. The engine of the liquefied gas forklift has a small vibration amplitude and low noise, which ensures the hearing of workers.

3. Compared with electric forklifts, due to the high price of industrial electricity and battery purchase, the maintenance cost of electric forklifts is high, and liquefied gas forklifts can save the cost of use more than electric forklifts. Even in the case of insufficient fuel, the liquefied gas forklift can maintain power. The power of the electric forklift will decrease as the power is reduced.
4. The liquefied gas forklift can drive on uneven ground or steep slopes. The carbon emissions of liquefied gas forklifts throughout the life of the product, the "carbon footprint” is much smaller than that of electric forklifts. Liquefied gas forklifts are quick and easy to replace fuel, while electric forklifts require 8 hours of charging time and 8 hours of battery cooling time. The battery manufacturers of electric forklifts have seriously affected the local ecological environment and human health.

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