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1.0-1.8Ton Electric Forklift 2.0-2.5Ton Electric Forklift-Saferlifts 3.0-3.5Ton Electric Forklift-Saferlifts 4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift 8.0-12.0Ton Electric Forklift-Saferlifts 3.5Ton Electric Forklift Truck with Standard Specification 5 ton electric forklift truck with white tyre Electric counterbalance forklift trucks 1.5T electric forklift(TEU type)

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Electric Stacker

Electric Stacker
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China Electric Stacker

Stackers can be roughly divided into three types, manual stackers, semi-electric stackers, and all-electric stackers. The operation of these three types of stackers is basically the same. 

The semi-electric stacker is a new type of stacking machine with electric lifting, easy operation, environmental protection and high efficiency. Widely used in overhead cargo, pallet movement and stacking. In the factory, warehouse, logistics center and many other places, the semi-electric pallet stacker is used for unitized pallet stacking, which is safe and efficient; especially in some narrow passages, floors, elevated warehouses and other workplaces, it can fully reflect Out of its superior flexibility, tranquility and environmental performance.


1. Adopt new rear axle structure to make the stacker structure more reasonable.

2. Imported pneumatic spring type handle device, which is more convenient and reasonable to use.

3. Germany imported raw material forming door frames, which are strictly controlled in terms of quality.

4. Italy imported oil pump, according to customer requirements can replace domestic high quality oil pump.

5. Pedal-type light design, lighter push and pull, more lightweight and flexible, more convenient to use, etc.

About use:

The semi-electric stacker generally rises and falls by relying on electric power, and the walking

depends on manual operation, that is, it needs to be pushed and pulled by human power.

Therefore, everyone should open the electric door lock before operation.

When operating, pull the operating lever backwards, that is, the fork

rises. Push the operating lever down, that is, the fork descends. Like many semi-electric stackers, its

operating levers are installed.There is an automatic return spring,which is very convenient to use;after

lifting the goods,the steering handle is used to change the direction. When the job is completed,do not

place the goods on the fork for a long time. In addition, for safety reasons, when the fork is loaded,

remember not to stand on the sides of the fork and the fork.

The operation method of the stacker is basically the same.Everyone should pay attention to the operation
and do not overload or eccentric load.

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