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The heat is approaching, the forklift must also prevent "heatstroke"

Summer is coming, which means that the hottest day of the year is coming! The outdoor environment temperature is 30 to 40 degrees, which is a severe test for motors, electric controls, batteries, and hydraulic systems. Especially for forklifts with harsh operating conditions, high strength and long-term continuous use, special attention must be paid to the maintenance and temperature monitoring of forklift components. It is recommended to pay special attention to the following points:
1. Always check the battery unit, whether the bolts of the motor and electric control are loose. The vibration intensity of the forklift is relatively large. The bolts in these parts are often loose after a period of use. These parts are often operated with large current for a long time. The loose parts of the bolts will generate heat and burn easily.
2. Check the heat dissipation measures of the motor and the electronic control, and often remove dust from the motor casing and the electronically controlled cooling plate. The accumulation of dust, especially oily dust, on the motor and electronic control will greatly reduce the heat dissipation capability of the motor and electronic control. As the summer approaches, a thorough cleaning of the motor casing and the electrically controlled cooling plate is required. In addition, for those designs with insufficient heat dissipation measures, additional heat dissipation measures should be considered, such as installing a high-power cooling fan on the motor or the position of the electronic control board. For a motor or an electronic control that uses a cooling fan to dissipate heat, it is necessary to regularly remove the dust from the cooling fan to prevent the cooling fan from being stuck and damaged by the accumulation of dust and debris, thereby affecting the heat dissipation of the motor and the electronic control.
3. The electrolyte level and density of the battery need to be checked frequently. Most lead-acid batteries on the market today are dosing. Before each charge, check whether the liquid level of each monomer is normal, clean the surface of the battery, and immediately add distilled water after charging (note that you cannot use ordinary tap water or mineral water).
4. Always check whether the hydraulic control switch and potentiometer signal are well reset. Some forklift hydraulic joystick switches and potentiometers may have a poor reset after a period of use. This situation will cause the oil pump motor to stop running at high speed even if the hydraulic operation is not operated. Seriously As a result, the oil pump motor and the oil pump are overheated and burned.
Everyone has to remind you that the summer is hot, and the cooling of people and cars is very important!
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