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Interview with Mr. Xie Yinghua, General Manager of Ningbo Ruyi

Incorporating Knowledge and Action, Innovative Collaboration - Interview with Mr. Xie Yinghua, General Manager of Ningbo Ruyi

Background of the interview: On July 18, 2018, Ningbo Ruyi released the news and officially hired Mr. Xie Yinghua as the general manager of the company. At the CeMAT Asia 2018 exhibition on November 6th, I was fortunate to meet with General Xie at the Ningbo Ruyi booth. I met for the first time. Xie always walked steadily, full of energy, and confident in conversation. He was born with a powerful atmosphere. The reporter left a deep impression, so I wanted to find out.

Unexpected scenes in Ningbo

Why choose Ningbo Ruyi?
Like the forklift industry, is very concerned about why Xie has chosen Ningbo Ruyi among many companies. Xie always told us: In the many exchanges with Ningbo Ruyi, I feel the profound cultural heritage of Ningbo. In particular, the chairman of the board of directors is kind and has a strong sense of justice and great ambition, and our experience is very close. The hard-line style of the soldiers is flowing in the bones, so I decided to choose Ningbo Ruyi. In a few short sentences, it not only shows the cultural essence of Ningbo's "good faith, hard work, innovation, hard work, mutual love", but also shows the value concept and work style of Xie Zong.

Mr. Xie Yinghua, General Manager of Ningbo Ruyi

Ningbo Ruyi's development direction and focus
When we asked about the development of Ningbo Ruyi, Xie always told us that the foundation of Ningbo Ruyi is very good, including the company platform, products, employees, Ningbo Ruyi's Class II and Class III forklifts are very mature and there are many innovations. Products and a number of invention patents, Ningbo Ruyi to adapt to the needs of the market, in the future will continue to focus on popular product research and development, increase product technology transformation and research and development, quality management investment and marketing model innovation, and strive to achieve "successful manufacturing" Transforming to "Ruyi Zhizhi" and "Ruyi", I believe that Ningbo's wishful future will be even better.
Mr. Xie said that the future development of Ningbo Ruyi focuses on the following six aspects:
1. Establish an efficient and effective team.
2, pay attention to product quality, start with the details of the product to provide customers with reliable products.
3, good service to customers, quality service is around the customer.
4. Pay attention to safety production and raise awareness of environmental protection. Further enhance employees' awareness of health, safety and environment (HSE), strengthen basic management, and ensure production is safe, fast and efficient.
5. Adhere to the agency system and give full play to the three advantages of products, services and price; segment the channels and continuously improve the regional share in the future.
6, export, domestic sales and military three legs and go.
Ningbo Ruyi's medium-term strategy
When Mr. Xie talked about Ningbo's medium-term strategy, he had more ideas and stronger coping skills. He emphasized the strategy of becoming stronger, bigger and more stable. Mr. Xie proposed the goal of a 20% overall increase in the company. This growth rate takes into account the society, the investors, the suppliers, the enterprises, and the employees, including the per capita tax rate, the per capita labor synchronization, the per capita contribution, the market share, Several indicators of per capita income rose by 20%. It is also mentioned in particular that the growth of a company is mainly compared with the past period of the enterprise, and it can better promote the development of the enterprise.
How to achieve the goal
In the operation of a company, it is necessary to have a high-level goal of becoming stronger and longer, and it is necessary to have the concept of achieving these goals and the methods and methods of managing the enterprise. Xie Zong said: The six elements of production, supply, sales, people, finance and material occupy a very important position in the enterprise. Leaders need to have strong leadership, thinking ability and management philosophy. Ningbo Ruyi's foundation, product technology, profitability, brand, family culture, production management are very good, and I am only a guiding role. In the future, the construction of enterprise talent team and structural adjustment is the middle of the work. Good work in these two aspects can drive the rise in output, sales and interest rates. What is gratifying to Xie is that Ningbo Ruyi has changed its sales, profits, mental outlook and team morale in recent months.
Postscript: In the face of the reporter of the China Fork Net, Xie Zongjun talked, his words flashed with the sharpness of philosophical debate, and the confidence contained a stable style. Starting from the choice of Ningbo Ruyi, talking about the advantages of Ningbo Ruyi, With the future development, the company's strategy and how to achieve the goal, Xie always has a good idea. The company's corporate culture, the chairman's philosophy of knowing and doing, and a good corporate foundation have given Xie total confidence.
A team with consistent concepts, consistent goals, high cohesiveness, high execution, large format, and great cooperation is a valuable asset of a company! Ningbo has always been a spirit of innovation that is not afraid of hardship and courage to compete; with the spirit of innovation that dares to act; to help and influence more people and achieve more people with the dedication of the people.
"Thousands of peaks and streams are flowing, and the sounds of Wansong Songming are mixed with water." I believe that Ruyi Company will march forward with a new attitude in the spirit of eagerness and enthusiasm.

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