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Jungheinrich won the US Mission Review excellent cooperation supplier!

Express News 丨 Jungheinrich won the US Mission Review excellent cooperation supplier!

On April 2, 2019, the 2019 US Mission Review Vendor Conference was held with the theme of “Gathering Together and Winning the Future”.
meeting venue

As the supplier of the US Mission, Jungheinrich was invited to participate in the conference and won the 2019 US Mission Review Excellent Cooperation Supplier Award.

Review the journey of cooperation
Since the launch of the cooperation between Jungheinrich Group and the US Mission, the forklift service has been provided for the self-operated warehouse owned by the US Mission. Today, Jungheinrich has become the main partner of the US Mission!

Looking back at the beginning of the cooperation, in the face of the high standards and strict requirements of the US Mission, the Jungheinrich team attached great importance to the whole collaboration. As a leading global logistics solutions provider with 65 years of experience and from Germany, Jungheinrich is among the world's top materials and logistics systems with outstanding industry confidence.

Jungheinrich has solidified the foundation of this cooperation through the company's long-standing brand image, combined with the outstanding manufacturing strength of the Qingpu factory, and the sales/lease/after-sales team of the national chess game.

With its comprehensive source of car source, price and service level, Jungheinrich team has perfected the "German Quality", "Team Power", "China Speed" and "Customer Relationship" package, KO competitors, and the audience! Winning the recognition of the US Mission and becoming the main supplier of the US Mission.

German quality, eternal power

Jungheinrich's products have been tested and adjusted by German engineers with strict quality, and have high quality and meet European CE standards. They are also awarded the German Red Dot Award, International Forklift Award, China Famous Logistics Brand, Logistics Technology Equipment Recommended Brand, etc. Various awards.
The Jungheinrich Group has more than 100 countries in the world and has opened a factory in the Qingpu area of ​​Shanghai. It specializes in the production of electric forklifts for the Asian city. The factory has excellent manufacturing capabilities in accordance with international standards.
We will also provide customers with a full range of services, provide full responsibility for maintenance, and customize a full range of maintenance contracts according to the needs of users, so that customers can focus on their core business, and Jungheinrich is responsible for the effective use of customer vehicles;

Repair service, only one customer call, the service engineer will drive the service car full of original spare parts; original spare parts, provide original spare parts for all models, ensure the best cooperation between customers' vehicle components and high reliability Sex, give full play to the value of the forklift itself.

With the rapid changes in the current economic situation and the accelerated digital upgrade, each industry faces new opportunities and challenges.

In this era of background, Jungheinrich contracted the speed of the US group! Naturally, you can also contract the satisfaction and satisfaction of your heart! Choose a forklift and find Jungheinrich!

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