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SAFER's aerial work platform and forklift products will be unveiled at the German BMW Show

SAFER's aerial work platform and forklift products will be unveiled at the German BMW Show
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On April 8th, local time, the 2019 German Bauma exhibition (Bauma2019) will be grandly opened in Munich. As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery, SAFER will be presenting its many star products. Among them, SAFER's new aerial work platform will be launched for the first time at the German BMW Show. At the same time, four high-quality forklift products that have obtained EU CE certification will also be unveiled, highlighting the focus of SAFER's focus on engineering machinery. The shining achievements in the business field, with more innovative products to serve the vision of global customers.
Aerial work platform: electric drive high efficiency + exclusive lithium battery power system + intelligent platform
SAFER has an intelligent automatic production line - a high-altitude machinery intelligent factory. With the concept of "manufacturing and green innovation”, SAFER has been developing and manufacturing a series of excellent products. At the BMW Show in Germany, SAFER Heavy Lift Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in four "reliable, simple and efficient" electric drive scissor type aerial work platforms with ZS1212DC, ZS1012DC, ZS0808DC and ZS0608DC. Many indicators of the products have reached the forefront of the industry, and all meet the requirements of European standard, American standard and national standard, which can provide customers, and high-altitude operators with a safe, efficient and comfortable experience.
The four electric drive scissor type aerial work platforms cover a height of 6 to 12 meters and a maximum load of 380 kg. They can be widely used in construction, plant construction, house decoration and maintenance operations. The product is driven by a motor and is twice as efficient as the hydraulic drive. In addition to its excellent center of gravity, stable operation, heavy platform load, and adaptability to harsh conditions, the other highlight is the exclusive lithium battery power system developed by SAFER Heavy Lift Machinery Co., Ltd., which was unveiled at the show. Four products are configurable. Lithium-ion batteries have significant advantages and are the future development trend of aerial work platform products. Through a large number of material testing comparisons and design innovations, SAFER has developed a dedicated lithium-ion battery power for aerial work platforms. Exclusive lithium-ion battery power without adding electrolyte, maintenance-free life cycle; battery life is 30% higher than lead-acid battery, life expectancy is increased by 3 times, better meet the needs of the rental market; with low-temperature charging heating function, guarantee -20 °C Under the severe cold conditions, it can effectively charge and work to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. In addition, it is equipped with a lithium battery management system (BMS) and a complete machine control system to ensure the safe use of lithium-ion batteries and optimize power consumption for maximum energy efficiency.
In addition, SAFER Zhongke Yungu has also attracted attention for the intelligent remote monitoring and leasing management platform tailored for the aerial work platform. Customers only need to use the "Intellectual Rent” client to realize remote and real-time monitoring of batteries, equipment and information, and quickly complete equipment positioning and monitoring, fault diagnosis, unlocking machine operation, and management of various leasing services such as contract and finance. Effectively improve the management and use efficiency of leasers and users, reduce operating costs, and increase operational speed.
Forklift: EU CE certification + safe and efficient
In recent years, SAFER Industrial Vehicles has been deeply involved in overseas markets, continuously improving its product competitiveness and creating a variety of quality products for domestic and global markets. The exhibits include FD30H internal combustion counterbalanced forklift, FB20H battery counterbalance forklift, FE18H three-point battery counterbalance forklift and DB16W electric stacker, all of which are excellent in high quality and comfortable operation. Several exhibiting products have obtained the EU CE certification, which fully complies with EU safety standards and can meet the needs of global users.
The four products are designed from the user's point of view. The gantry of all counterbalance forklifts adopts the front double cylinder layout, which makes the driver's vision more open and more efficient and safer.

The FE18H three-point battery counterbalance forklift is an upgraded product created by SAFER. The product has reached the domestic advanced level, the whole machine has a dynamic and modern sense; the small-diameter steering wheel makes the operation easier; the side-mounted joystick design is more in line with the driver's operating habits; the more convenient operation handle is set to lift and lower All kinds of control buttons, such as forward tilt, backward tilt, side shift, emergency stop switch, horn, lighting control, etc., can complete all operations with one hand.
The FD30H internal combustion counterbalanced forklift is not only beautiful, but also equipped with integral LED lamps, blue light and rear headlights for safer and more reliable operation. It is equipped with a high exhaust system and the exhaust pipe is made of integral stamping structure. Cap type) reduces noise and pollution and is more environmentally friendly. In addition to its simple appearance, the FB20H battery counterbalanced forklift adopts a bridge box integrated type, which makes the whole vehicle more compact, reduces the turning radius of the whole vehicle and improves the passability. The DB16W electric stacker has a ergonomic long handle compact design that makes the driver's operation safer and more convenient.
SAFER's aerial work platforms and forklifts are unveiled in the world's leading industry exhibitions, not only to demonstrate the strong scientific and technological strength and innovation of SAFER in these two fields, but also to hope for new, green and smart aerial work platforms and forklift products. We can serve more global customers and work together to build a better life with more customers. (This article is from SAFER)

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