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How to operate a forklift?

Novices can practice these points, the following details:
1. Know the important parts of the forklift (hand brake, clutch, throttle, brake, gear, lifter, tilting lever)
The handbrake is the car that must be pulled down when the car is stopped. The clutch is operated when the shifting is started slowly. The throttle is very important. It is important to control it. The brake is an important part of the vehicle's brake. The forklift is only before and after the speed. Distinguishing, lifting rods and tilting rods are the use of forks that must be operated;
2, start the forklift: the start of the vehicle seems to be very simple, it is very important to loosen the handbrake to lift the fork, step on the clutch to move forward or backward gear and fast or slow gear, gently release the clutch, lightly direction the direction of the forklift truck Behind and the spacing is small.
3, fork goods: the vehicle travels to the front of the cargo, step on the clutch and put the forward gear on the neutral gear and then release the clutch, control the lifting rod to the appropriate position, then step on the clutch to move forward and shift the clutch vehicle slowly forward Fitted with the lifting rod to adjust the middle part of the bottom of the cargo, step on the clutch and hold the neutral gear to control the tilting lever to tilt up to the appropriate height, and step on the clutch to hang back and run smoothly;
4, delivery: the vehicle travels to the specified direction of the cargo, step on the clutch slowly after the arrival of the brakes to stop, stop the gear to the neutral, slowly put down the fork control tilt lever flat, step on the clutch to hang back.
5. Park the forklift: The forklift will drive to the parking position, step on the clutch and hang the neutral gear, put the fork in the end, pull the handbrake, and turn off the forklift.

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