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How to operate the steering wheel of the forklift:

 How to operate the steering wheel of the forklift:

1. When driving on a straight road and in a platform or warehouse, the steering wheel movement of the forklift should be balanced with the left hand, the right hand as the auxiliary, and the necessary vehicles, personnel, passages, etc. according to the forklift. Correction, generally do not shake the steering wheel of the forklift.
Second, when preparing to turn, the forklift should be decelerated in advance (the speed should not exceed 5km/h when driving on a smooth road), try to avoid sharp turns (special things to note: forklifts are different from ordinary vehicles) It is the rear wheel steering function, so the rear balance weight rotates outward when steering. When decelerating, it should be decelerated in advance, and the steering wheel should be moved to the side to be turned. The steering wheel of the forklift should rotate a little ahead of the vehicle that the front wheel turns.
Third, on uneven roads, when crossing the intersection or entering or leaving the door, the steering wheel of the forklift should be gripped to prevent the forklift steering wheel from being violently shaken or turned by the force of the forklift's bumps to hurt the finger or wrist.
4. When the steering wheel of the forklift is rotating, do not use too much force. After the forklift stops running, the steering wheel should not be turned in place to avoid damage to the steering mechanism.
5. When the forklift driver uses the right hand to operate the lifting lever and tilting the joystick, the left hand can control the steering wheel of the forklift with one hand by the steering lever.

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