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HT20 Mini Excavator with Kubota engine

HT20 Mini Excavator with Kubota engine
  • HT20 Mini Excavator with Kubota engine
  • HT20 Mini Excavator with Kubota engine
  • HT20 Mini Excavator with Kubota engine
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Basi Information

Model NO HT20 Total Height 1300mm
Bucket Capacity 0.025cbm Max digging distance 26100mm
Operation Weight 800kg Max digging depth 1750mm

Additional Info

Packaging Nude Packing
6000 Per Year
SAFER Transportation
by sea
Place of Origin
China Supply Ability
5000 Per Year
ISO 9001;ISO 14001

Product Description

Powerful Performance

Operate where other machines can’t with the new Zero Tail this machine is the smallest mini excavator in the SAFER lineup. With a closed center valve, piston pump, load-sensing hydraulics and cushioned cylinders, the HT20 is packed with high-end hydraulic components that deliver the power and performance you need for difficult jobs.
With the SAFER in-track swing frame design, you have the ability to get closer to the work during offset digging.The swing castings and cylinders are positioned inside the track width, making it impossible to damage these components while operating flush against a structure or obstacle.

Durability and Productivity

HT20 mini type excavator helps you do more with your working hours.Whether you're digging, dumping soil into trucks or placing hardscape materials, the perfectly sized cylinders of SAFERmini excavators turn out the best in-class cycle times. Your reputation depends on a reliable, durable machine. Built tough with integrated slew brakes, on-board diagnostics and automatic glow plugs, the HT20 lets you spend less time in the shop and more time on the job-site.

Comfort and Convenience

Whether you're operating an enclosed cab option or an open canopy configuration, the HT20 keeps operators comfortable. Both options provide exceptional all-around visibility, standard suspension seating and a strategically placed deluxe instrumentation panel for optimal operator experience. The dual-flange track roller system also provides operators with greater over-the-side digging capacity and excellent slewing – all the while offering an overall smoother ride. The standard keyless start system also helps you reduce unauthorized machine use and theft

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